Yesterday I documented the wedding day of Morgan and Brad. It rained for a good portion of the day, but it didn’t damper the spirits of the bride and groom. Everything went very smoothly and everyone had a great time. The rain stopped soon after we arrived at the reception and the rest of the day was beautiful, allowing us to get some great pictures.
After the reception was over Brad, Morgan, my mom (assistant for the day) and I headed to South Haven for some more photos. I am so glad we went because the beach was gorgeous and the lighting was awesome…it made for some perfect shots to end the day.

Brad and Morgan, thank you for choosing me to be your photographer. I hope you enjoy your preview!

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Last week I got to do the senior pictures of one of my absolutely favorite models, Kassie. Kassie is my cousin and probably one of the greatest people in the world. She has such a personality and you cant help but be happy around her. She is just so full of joy and her smile lights up a room. Can you tell I love her like crazy? =)

I have been looking forward to a full senior session with Kassie for a while now. Earlier this year Kassie was my senior rep so I put a couple in this post of that mini session as well. As you can see, Kassie chopped her hair off between then and now and I LOVE it…it looks awesome.

Kass, I love you and I hope you like your really long preview =)

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Last week I got to hang out with brand new baby Cayden. I worked with his mom Abby at the credit union and we have become good friends…I was so excited to do some pictures for them! For being 7 days old, Cayden was super awake and alert basically the whole time =). We got a lot of closed eye pictures but dont let them fool you, he wanted to look around and see everything that was going on.

Abby, Cayden is awesome and its so cool to see you as a mom. =) I hope you and Dave enjoy the pictures of your cute little monkey =).

poor guy was cold =(

He threw in a couple smiles here and there…so darn cute!

LOVE this one!

Earlier this week I met up with the whole Clausen family to do some family pictures. I really love that we did these pictures at Tom and Barb’s house, it really makes them feel warm and full of love, I’m digging it for sure. I grew up with the Clausen’s and it was really fun to be able to do their pictures. I took my mom along with me so that she could be the sqeaky toy to keep Remi’s attention…she did a great job and Remi stole the show =) She is so cute and I love her crooked smile and cute little faces. Everyone else did great and we got some really great pictures. I love that everyone looks so comfortable and relaxed and it was great to just hang out with everyone who I consider my own family as well. I hope you all enjoy the preview!!!

Thanks for the idea Uncle Mike, I love this one =)

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I was able to meet up with the Koning clan earlier this week to do some family pictures. We had rescheduled once due to the crazy heat wave last week, so I was hoping we would have great weather. The temperature ended up being perfect, but it was SUPER windy by the water. We made it work though and still got some great pictures.
Konings, thank you for putting up with all the hair blowing and the extra long session =). I hope you enjoy the preview!!!

I love this one!!